Earn a one per cent interest on your XLM holdings.

The Stellar network has a built-in inflation mechanism, which expands the currency supply by one per cent annually.

Once a week, the Stellar network calculates what the top inflation destinations are, and distributes that weeks inflation to any destination with more than 0.05% of the votes.

Currently that threshold equals 50.8 million XLM, which is out-of-reach for most individuals. To solve that, we created a pool.

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Can I trust you with my secret key?

The key never leaves your computer, and is only ever used inside of the browser, in order for us to sign a "Set Options"-transaction on your behalf, so you can join the pool.

So, in short -- Yes, we would like to think that you can trust us.

If you want to be 100 per cent certain,

  • The website source code is published on GitHub, at https://github.com/johansten/pool.futuretense.io. There you should check out inflation-pool.js, to verify that the key is only used to sign a setOptions-operation that sets your inflation destination to the pool accountId.

  • Stellar-sdk.min.js is retrieved from rawgit.com, which serves as a CDN/Proxy. Rawgit gets it straight from the stellar.org repository on GitHub. A "Subresource Integrity" hash is then used to make sure the file isn't modified anywhere along the way.

What is the accountId of the pool?


How are the funds secured?

The pool account is (currently) set up as a 3-of-3 multi-signature account. The signers are Dzham, Powderfan, and Sacarlson from the Stellar-public Slack.